Citi Commercial Card 2023: Features And Benefits Of The Card

A Citi commercial card is issued by the owner to the employees for the business related transactions. Citibank offers a great deal on such cards.

A partnership between Citi Commercial Cards and Corporate Spending Innovations, a subsidiary of Edenred, has been announced in order to provide Citi’s customers with innovative and frictionless B2B payment options.

In order to jointly provide customers with fully integrated end-to-end payment solutions, Corporate Spending Innovations’ exclusive digital payment capabilities and Citi Commercial Card’s global network have been merged.

What Is Citibank?

The consumer arm of financial services giant Citigroup is called Citibank. As the City Bank of New York, Citibank was established in 1812 and later changed its name to First National City Bank of New York. Credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, business loans, and lines of credit are all offered by Citibank.

One of the biggest international consumer banks is Citi®, the retail banking division of Citigroup, Inc., which has about 200 million customer accounts globally. The beginnings of this massive American banking organization can be seen in New York around 1812.

A broad variety of financial services, including personal banking accounts and services, are provided by Citibank, or simply Citi. Basic accounts, private banking, and wealth management choices are just a few of the services that are put together by this company.

Customers can choose from six checking account packages from Citi, each with its own features and costs. Everyday Banking and Premium Banking are the two divisions Citi uses to classify its account offerings.

Following are the checking account bundles offered by Citi’s Everyday Banking category:

  • Access Account
  • Basic Banking
  • The Citibank Account
  • Following are the checking account bundles offered by Citi’s Premium Banking division:
  • Citi Priority Account
  • Citigold® Checking Account
  • Citigold Private Client

Citi separates Regular Checking (available with or without paper checks) and Interest Checking within the six packages. Depending on the account plan, service fees for accounts range from $0 to $30 per month. By fulfilling particular account package conditions, you are able to avoid paying monthly service costs.

What Is a Commercial Card?

A commercial card is a credit card that employers give to their employees to use for business-related transactions. Using a commercial card allows employees to make purchases on behalf of their employer without using their personal funds. Businesses frequently utilize commercial cards to record these costs so they may more thoroughly examine how they affect the budget.

Co-branded business credit cards from Citigroup and The Home Depot are available. One type of charge card, called a revolving charge card, enables employees to make monthly installment payments on purchases made on company time. The other functions more like a standard credit card that demands full payment each month. Both of them provide discounts on fuel and itemized invoices.

Commercial cards are available in a variety of styles to suit the requirements of the individual business:

Corporate credit card: Employees of big businesses may receive corporate credit cards. They place more focus on the analytical side of business expenses than on rewards. The use of one’s personal Social Security number and credit history to apply for a company credit card may be required by some financial institutions, which could cause a hard inquiry that temporarily decreases one’s credit score.

Small-business credit cards: They are designed for businesses with lesser annual sales and place more of a focus on rewards. Additionally, they demand a corporate guarantor that can pay the credit sum in the event of delinquency.

Employees are typically expected to produce their receipts in both situations in order to be reimbursed for a charge. If not, the employee can be held responsible for the charge, and falling behind on the payment could harm her credit report.

Commercial Card By Citibank

One of the biggest and best-known private sector banks in the world, Citibank provides a variety of services to its clients, including credit cards. The Citibank Corporate Card is specially designed to give employees a healthy line of credit and act as a spend management tool for diverse businesses. The card offers benefits that have been carefully selected in addition to rewards in other categories like entertainment and travel.

Key Highlights Of Citibank Commercial Cards

  • Utilize the Citibank Corporate Credit Card with considerable flexibility.
  • You may manage all of your business spending with the help of the Visa IntelliLink Spend management tool.
  • Enjoy the various financial options available, such as over the counter, Citiphone Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, and Citibank Credit Card Netbanking.
  • More than 2 million ATMs worldwide offer services.
  • Citibank can issue a replacement card anywhere in the world in the event of loss or theft of the original card.
  • The Fraud Protection feature guards against fraud and makes sure to alert you to any unauthorized card access or transactions.

Features And Benefits Of The Citibank Commercial Card

Corporate Benefits

  • A strong tool for controlling and preserving all business spending is the Visa Intellilink Spend Management tool.
  • Take advantage of e-statements at your convenience for better control and visibility over all card-related spending.
  • The corporate credit card offers a highly practical expense approval system and allows you to choose the best suppliers for negotiations.
  • When your employees travel for business, you are no longer required to give them foreign currency.
  • Get a One-Glance-Statement for each corporate card held by a member.
  • Enjoy the ability to use RTGS, NEFT, or a check to pay a single bill for all corporate card holders.
  • Electricity, phone, and other utility bills can be paid in a simple and hassle-free way.

Employee Benefits

  • You can accumulate reward points that never expire for each and every purchase you make with the credit card.
  • By using the reward points to purchase gift cards, hotel stays, air miles, and other wonderful experiences, you can increase your enjoyment.
  • Get discounts of up to 55% on a variety of business-related goods and services, such as hotel rooms, car rentals, travel, dining, etc. Get up to 20% off of your eating expenses throughout India.
  • Take advantage of the benefits that come with having a Citibank Card and enjoy activities like golf, spa treatments, travel, shopping, and entertainment in India and more than 30 other countries.
  • Even while traveling abroad to various nations, you can readily acquire local money.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] 

  1. What are the reward points benefits of the Citibank Commercial Card?

    You will gain 2 reward points for every Rs. 125 that is charged to the card. The reward points have no expiry date yet.

  2. What is the limit of Citibank Commercial Cards?

    Both the business and the bank will determine the credit card limit for the Citibank Corporate Card. The employee’s credit score, classification, historical repayment patterns, and other variables will all be taken into consideration when determining the card limit.

  3. The Visa IntelliLink Spend Management tool helps in what ways?

    Smart and effective, the Visa IntelliLink Spend Management application aids in keeping track of all business spending incurred with the Citibank Corporate Credit Card. To keep track of all your expenses, you can also use e-statements.

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